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This website is owned and operated by Jonathan Mooney a citizen of the city of Manchester. This website is not operated by any corporation or political organization. We here at Manchvegas are here to present a commonman's view of Political Events happening in the city of Manchester and to aid some local businesses or groups with getting their names out there.

The Following Taken From Wikipedia ManchVegas (also Manch-Vegas) is a local nickname for Manchester, New Hampshire. The term is a portmanteau of Manchester and Las Vegas.

"ManchVegas" was derived from illegal gambling in local businesses during the late 1980s or early '90s. Many pizza shops and local bars had video poker machines that would pay out real money. The nickname was coined following a city-wide bust of these machines. It was then adopted as a lampoon of the city's limited entertainment opportunities.

Recently the term has become a source of pride as the city's entertainment scene has grown.

A 2003 note on notes, "Residents reflect the regional dry humor by referring to sedate Manchester as 'ManchVegas'." An article in Manchester's Hippo Press (a local alternative weekly) in August, 2005, noted that then-Manchester Mayor Robert A. Baines, "is pushing to replace the nickname ManchVegas with Manchhatten" (meaning Manchester+Manhattan). As of January, 2006, nine businesses in New Hampshire had registered with the New Hampshire Secretary of State's Corporate Division to use the name "ManchVegas" in their business. The earliest was registered August 11, 1998.

Other, much less commonly used, nicknames are "ManchAngeles" (Manchester+Los Angeles), students at Manchester Central High School started using the term Manchvegistan (referencing the city's immigrant population). Central is known for having the most diverse student body in the state of New Hampshire.

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Since Facebook is a world wide medium for everyone to Chat/Organize/Participate it was an easy decision to use this in conjuction with Manchvegas to help spread the word to everyone.

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Here we are going to be a sounding board for Manchester Politics. People can comment to me if they wish and it will get posted here for them via the available topics or if they suggest topics. We will offer hosting and advertising to area businesses that are just starting out and may not have the green to get their own website off the ground.

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